Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?


Take advantage of the intelligent cloud

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud platform, offering over 100 cloud services to organisations globally. With incredible scalability, flexibility and security, Azure can be tailored to your business with services such as compute, data management, networking, development, identity & access, backups, disaster recovery and much more.

As Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partners, we help organisations transform their business with Azure, using the agility and benefits of the public cloud to drive new opportunities and business growth.

How we help you

Azure Active Directory and Single Sign-On

Azure Backup

Azure Site Recovery

Azure storage

Infrastructure and application migration

Application modernisation

Reserved Instances and cost optimisation

Workload migration

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)


The cloud is completely scalable. With Azure, a business only pays for what it needs. Whether it’s running virtual machines in the cloud or utilising the limitless storage opportunities, the requirement will determine what you pay; you can scale up or scale down depending on your changing business needs.


Azure is completely flexible, supporting a large range of operating systems, frameworks, programming languages, tools, applications and devices.

Identity and access management

With a host of identity and access management tools, businesses can sync on-premise directories and enable single sign-on using Azure Active Directory, or improve the security of apps using multi-factor authentication (MFA).  

Security and threat protection

Benefit from advanced threat protection across hybrid and cloud workloads, with Azure ATP providing cloud-based network monitoring across your on-premise and cloud environments, whilst Azure Sentinel, the first cloud-native SIEM, provides intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence. Azure Information Protection is available to control and secure information being shared externally.


Being compliant with international and national laws and standards is non-negotiable for organisations. That’s why Microsoft Azure is the most compliant public cloud platform with over 90 compliance offerings.


Azure has been designed to enable hybrid solutions, with a consistent experience across environments. Combine private and public clouds for great flexibility, increased control and to easily transition through a phased approach to gradually migrate to Azure.