Migration as a Service



What is offering?

Migration-as-a-Service brings a low-stress, full-service approach to migrations.  With MaaS, InstaCloud Solutions ’s migration experts handle your migration from start to finish, letting you focus on your business. For Office 365, Exchange and Notes Migrations, let MaaS make your migration a success!

Get head start on Migration

Experience a reliable, full service and a simpler workload transformation across different platform with ICS Migration as a service.

Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive review of your organisation that makes up your production environment

Assessment: Identify and fill gaps in your governance or hardware requirements to build an outline for the execution phase.

Quality Assurance: Test an end-to-end migration in your production environment to identify areas where performance enhancements can be made.

Execution: Run full and incremental migrations from source to destination, and provide status reports to stakeholders and business users.

Onborading: Synchronize changes made in the source environment during execution, and transition users into the destination environment.

Value from experts

Migrations can be stressful and daunting for any organization. Benefit from ICS’s expertise, which builds on over two decades, to implement best practices in technology migrations.

A full service approach

Sit back and relax with Migration-as-a-Service. We’ll complete your migration for you with care and professionalism. This frees up your key team members who would be otherwise mired in tedious migration tasks.


ICS experts work closely to do an effective and beneficial migration. It’s a true partnership, so we work diligently to address any concerns, questions, and needs to make your transformation experience the best it can be.

Customized migration

All migrations are unique. So we start with thorough discovery and investigation. We make sure that all your objects are handled with care. And we meet all of your migration needs, no matter how complex it is.